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Mulan: Disney+ Shared A Stunning Poster For The Release Of Live-Action Film

While the film was programmed for a theatrical release on July 24, the suspension and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 eventually forced Disney to move to the new streaming service. Like, Mulan for the Disney + premiere on September 4th

Mulan Come Back With Bang

Mulana’s latest film is the original 1998 remake, in which the well-known character joins the Chinese military in place of her father. Although the trailers released for Mulan suggest that the remake will actually include her adventures in the military, there are significant differences between the remake and the animated film. For example, the character of Li Shang is conspicuously absent from the remake, to the fanfare of some fans; Instead, Mulan’s new love is now a man named Chen Honhui.

A recently posted tweet from the Walt Disney Studios Twitter account featured a new poster promoting Mulan. The poster shows Mulan dressed as a soldier and holding a sword. The poster’s white background features a bird, presumably an allusion to Jian Lang, a witch who has the ability to transform into a bird of prey and serve as Mulan’s central villain.

Live Action Mulan Movie Releases Stunning New Poster For Disney+

Image Source: Screen Rant

You Can Watch Mulan On Disney+

This especially means that fans will have to pay a $ 29.99 fee in addition to the Disney + subscription fee if they want to stream the remake. That said, Disney’s decision to charge Multan fans for seeing one is still in fair words.

While some people may not be sure about the $ 30 blitz to see Mulan, most fans are still raving about the film. For one thing, Mulan not only retells one of Disney’s most popular animated films but also gives a sense of Asian representation that is not often seen on the big screen. In this way, while Moolan may have its fair share of challenges, it is still a film that will not only pay homage to the original but will undoubtedly also earn a name.

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