4 Forgotten (But Good) Christian Bale Movies to Watch 

Movie hyperproduction tends to sacrifice the quality for the quantity, and besides bringing profit to the ones pulling the strings, cinephiles fail to be satisfied with what they are served, regardless of the wide offer and constantly launched novelties. Considering that, one might want to look behind and pick among the older quality titles that could bring the old spark back to life. Thus, read the following list of forgotten, but good Christian Bale movies to watch and remind yourself what a quality movie night should look like.

1. American Psycho

We reckon you have already crossed paths with this, we dare to say, classic accomplishment, and if this is the first time you hear about “American Psycho” because you will most definitively enjoy this horror-comedy. The life of a young but promising young businessman tends to get complicated due to his inability to bring work and pleasure together, and boy, he enjoys them both, maybe even more than he should. Anyway, watching Bateman’s adventures is what will definitely be worth your time.

2. Prestige

Two centuries ago, there was hardly any difference between magicians and scientists, since they all performed what appeared to be miracles. Thus, if you are fond of either one of the aforementioned, the Prestige will keep your attention and get you entertained. A mysterious thriller wrapped up in a dramatic plot is only enhanced with Christian Bale’s performance, and you should definitely spare some time either to recall the amazing atmosphere it potentiates or to enrich your knowledge of film classics.

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3. Hostiles


Even though the Hostiles are not that old, they are surely a piece of 7th art you would want to dedicate your time and attention to. Namely, watching Christian Bale as captain Blocker who struggles with his inner self is not solely appealing to the eye due to amazing effects that help the message be delivered more uniquely, but also makes the viewer think deeply about some times long gone. Scott J Cooper is the one who has additional information on the plot and the moral of the story which might change the way you look at the world around you.

4. Equilibrium

The movie was a big surprise when it premiered, and received tons of positive critics, but does not prove to be everybody’s cup of tea. If you sympathize with Orvel-inspired dystopian ambiances, then Equilibrium should be the materialization of your thoughts and ideas. The role of Christian Bale who plays the “Monk” is both to give the idea its purpose and to break it, passing through different stages and struggling to beat the system. This world of art should make you realize how a world without art would appear, so watch it not solely for the sake of pleasure, but also to expand your views on certain points.

An actor such as Christian Bale has a considering number of aces up his sleeve, but we reckon the aforementioned movies will keep you entertained even more than you expect in the first place. Even though we could have, we did not mention his role as Bruce Wayne in the Batman trilogy on purpose, since we consider it a timeless accomplishment that does not need to be on any list to draw the attention it deserves. So, have fun!

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane