4 Best Movies You Might Have Missed to Watch

Do you also belong to that group of people who are in love with film achievements? Do you prefer new cinematography or do you enjoy old black and white films more? There is no doubt that Hollywood, like many other world film industries, is gaining in importance over time. Whether you are a fan of comedy, drama, horror, thriller or action movies, the number of films made is increasing, and the question is whether you managed to follow the realization of each of them? To make sure that you have not left out some of the high-quality, world films, below we will give you a selection of 4 films that are definitely worth your attention. So let’s check them out together!

1. The man who knew too little

We begin our list with a hilarious comedy. We are sure that many of you have not heard of it, but it will be worth your attention. This is an achievement from 1997, starring Bill Murray. The film is actually a kind of parody of Hickok’s movie The man who knew too much. It is about the adventures of the main character who disguises himself as a spy and aims to stop the assassination of celebrities and leaders of the country. Witness his successful or unsuccessful attempts and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink in your warm home.

2. Tears of the Sun

If you are a fan of action movies, here is something interesting for you! This is an action film with excellent actors and production, which did not reach great fame. Wondering if it’s possible for Bruse Willis and Monica Bellucci to star in that film and I don’t know about it? Well, here’s an opportunity to change that. The main plot of the film is located in Nigeria. Navy units are trying to save the doctor from the war environment and take her to safety. You will enjoy this realization which, in addition to constant action, offers many wonderful shots and beautiful landscapes. If you need a little action and adrenaline, this is the right movie for you.

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3. Girl, interrupted

A shocking story that takes place in a women’s mental institution and reveals details from the lives of a couple of girls who have mental health problems. The film is about the mental struggle of the main character, the juices and finally the success of overcoming all the misfortunes that befell her along the way. A very instructive and at the same time dramatic story that you can’t remain indifferent to. The film is tied to the beginnings of actress Angelina Jolie while starring Winona Ryder.

4. No safe spaces

A newer achievement for all fans of documentaries. A story that deals with issues of the modern age and the current situation in the USA. Questions about citizens’ rights are being raised, the right to vote, freedom of speech and opinion is being fought for. Dennis Prager is a producer and human rights activist, with a special focus on Jews. Guided by the well-known mysterious assassination of Esther Prager, the ideology that we should all have equal rights and improving socialization. Watch this movie, maybe it will open your eyes to some questions.

There is something for everyone in these few movies. Take some of your free time and dedicate it to a great movie. The night isn’t something if we don’t end it with a good movie, right?

What do you think?

Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane