3 Best Scott Cooper Movies to Watch on Netflix

If you happen to be a person who falls under the category of people who enjoy spending their free time watching movies, you have surely heard of Scott Cooper. He has many films that he has worked on leaving many people satisfied with his work. Because of the fact that he is not an actor, the chances are that you haven’t heard about him, but you should definitely pay attention to his work because it is really worth it.

In this article, we will talk about some of his best movies that you can watch on Netflix, having your days brightened especially on rainy days where you can wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy those few hours fully.

1. Crazy Heart

This one is really important because it is his first major project. It is a film about a singer who has ruined his life because of alcohol use. He is surviving with money that he earns singing in small bars and similar avenues. After some time, he meets a woman who is doing interviews with him, and they happen to fall for each other. She is the reason he tries to contact people to get his life back.

However, one day he sits behind the wheel while under influence and ends up in an accident. That is when this woman is leaving him. He manages to sell a song to another artist having a check that he later on gifts to her son. The movie ends with an interview that she is doing with him, with no hard feeling they go on separate ways.

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2. Hostiles

A really interesting film that falls under the category of western shooter/drama. It is a film about an officer having to transit a native American to their lands in a distant part of the country. At the beginning of the film, there is a family with three kids which are all killed except for the woman by these native Americans.

In the end, the chief in question is successfully transported to his land, where he can die peacefully with his tribe. Naturally, since Scott Cooper Miami Beach director loves twists in these types of movies, nothing ends up being perfect.

3. Black Mass

Scott Cooper has a bunch of popular actors to support him for this film. Including Johnny Depp, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad), and others.

The plot revolves around a criminal gangster and an FBI agent. However, John Connoly, the FBI agent convinces that criminal gangster, Whitey Bulger to act as an informant for the FBI. Leaking information regarding activities of the gang.

Things quickly start to go downhill as Whitey Bulger rises up the ranks in the mob, quickly becoming one of the largest gangsters in Boston.

We hope that this list will help you to decide which one you should watch. The movies are not in order so you might pick whatever you think you will like more.

What do you think?

Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane