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Morbius Pushed Till 2023 Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Morbius Pushed Till 2023!!!

The continued partnership of Sony and Marvel has certainly been one of the most interesting subplots of recent comic book movies. There have been many ups and downs, if you recall, last year it seemed certain that Sony was about to walk away from the deal until Disney and Marvel Studios were able to negotiate a new deal, and the last two. Over the years, it has led to the emergence of a different type of superhero.

For example, just look at Tom Hardy’s poison. Symbiote’s independent output was unlike anything we’ve seen in the genre for a while. And the same goes for Morbius, the vampire movie starring Jared Leto that is shaping up to be very intriguing. But unfortunately, now it seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before keeping an eye on Sony. Sony has announced that they are delaying it due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Morbius can be somewhat difficult to sell at the box office??

While the was due to be with us later this year, on July 31, to be exact, the split will now be delayed until March 19, 2023. This is a huge delay, no doubt, and it will be a big surprise to fans eagerly awaiting Living Vampire’s big-screen debut.

But given that Morbius can be somewhat difficult to sell at the box office, as you might think, watching the movie with a bit of uncertainty is characteristic of a lower-level comic book character that the general audience might not be familiar with, just it makes sense to delay the project.

Ultimately, Coronavirus will be available through July in every way, and Sony certainly wants to make sure nothing hinders the image’s potential for box office success.

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