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Finding Nemo 3: Will The Third Installment Of The Disney Movie Happen? Know Here

Animated movie Finding Nemo has helmed the record of being the highest-grossing film of Pixar for seven whole yeas. Considering the success, the studio released Finding Dory which was also a huge success. However, is there a third film that is waiting to happen?

Is Finding Nemo Getting The Third Movie? Here’s What We Know.

After finding sort was an equally hit movie and earned huge box office numbers for the studio, fans speculated a third movie might also be happening. In an exclusive interview, Director Andrew Stanton revealed that they made Finding Dory as he felt that Dory’s story needs to be told and shared. However, now that it’s done the full story has probably been told. He feels that everything that as born with the first movie has been beautifully wrapped up.

The Director Has Shared His Thoughts On Yet Another Movie Project!

While both the Finding fill franchises were huge hits amongst movie lovers irrespective of their age, Pixar doesn’t really have a reputation of renewing very film for more than one or two films. Unlike the Toy Story franchise, the makers might have thought that Finding Dory was pretty much the end of it.

Moreover, Pixar has a reputation for making a sequel only when it’s needed and only for a cash grab. The studio giant has made it clear that they only make sequels only when the story is needed to be told or shared. So, it seems like Nemo’s story is pretty much done for the studio. So, the chances of a third film might be a bit slimmer. However, the director has also not said a hard no on other probable stories!

The Story Has Been Beautifully Wrapped Up, Says The Director.

However, not all hoped are gone as the director also did say that there are several opportunities as there are new characters to introduce. So, we might see a new character’s story but Nemo’s story both according to the studio and the director is wrapped up for good. While yet another animal might be coming with his side of the story from the minds of the Pixar creative geniuses!

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