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Fantastic Four: Director Reveals The Possibility Of Trank Cut

After fans started a campaign demanding the studio to release Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League, it was finally heard. Now it seems like another director jas teased a slight possibility of creating his part of yet another superhero film!

Fantastic Four Director Opened Up About His Cut Of The Film. Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, fans are raising a question that whether Josh Trank is interested in showing his cut on Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot! However, it seems like the director is not quite keen about the whole.idea and simply shot down the idea. Moreover, take a look at this article that the director himself uploaded on his Instagram page.

Just Trank Turned Down The Idea On Twitter.

Recently, a fan said ok Twitter that they are coming for the Fantastic Four next to which the director had a short yet clear message. He simply said No Need! The director had to face some backlash after the release of the film and then the reboot project also turned into a controversial one. While Trank kept a happy face during the promotional events, later he did make some grave statements about his version not included wholly.

The director has confessed in an exclusive interview that what he tried to do with Fantastic Four was so arrogant for somebody who hadn’t really gotten the handle of his own skillset as a filmmaker to do that kind of stuff with. It was the same interview where the director confessed that he felt bitter towards the filmmakers that got a stab at movies from Marvel Studios as well.

His Version Of The Film Was Ignored And Now It Can’t Be Seen, Says The Director Himself.

It is surely disappointing that Frank is not interested in showing his cut of the film which many fans were looking to. However, the reply is pretty much understandable as the filmmaker also revealed that he even wrote his own pages, but they were ignored. The director himself tweeted some time before that he had a fantastic version of this which was ignored and now fans won’t probably ever see it.

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