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Iron Man: 3 Ways Marvel Can Plan His Return

More than a year after the epic moment when Tony Stark took six Infinity Stones and took them in favor of Tano, MCU fans are still trying to figure out different ways to expose Robert Downey Jr.’s favorite character. Back to the big screen. Brothers Rousseau and Danny Jr. only talked about it, and Robert Dan Jr. said that MCU fans “move on to them” the way they want to, “said director Anthony Rousseau.

How Iron Man Could Return To The MCU (Without Undoing His Death)
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Fans are dying to see their favorite star again:

Before Tony Stark died in the Marvel Studios blockbuster Infinity Saga, he was in better shape for MCU for 11 years. Similarly, Iron Man also appeared in numerous locations in Marvel comics, first appearing in the early 1960s. Because of this, the man also had to face death for years. However, this has been restored earlier, as have many other Marvel comics.

With that in mind, Marvel Studios has enough resources to create if they want to reconsider the arc of what has been said for decades, so it will be a different way than Robert Downey Jr. can’t really hurt “getting”. The return of MCU to both Iron Man and MCU fans in different ways.

Here are some possible ways to look forward to returning to Iron Man:

1. Artificial intelligence

One of the most popular scenarios is how fans can continue to see Tony Stark at MCU, while also honoring the Avengers victim: Endgame is the “essence” of the show. Programs such as J.A.R.V.I.S. And F.R.I.D.A.Y.

Marvel Studios could touch a lot if they chose this path. In the Marvel Comics series, Tony A.I. This version in itself serves as a “backup” form if the human form did not retain its existence. Tony then loaded the essence into the device and sent it to a child laborer known as Riri Williams, who was watching the heroic footprint of Tony Stark. A.I. He helped Riri with the second claim of an armored teenager hero for construction, and later released the superhero name “Ironheart,” through which he officially passed.

2. Alternative Reality:

Another popular choice, among the various ways in which Tony can return to his main MCU after the completion of the Avengers movie, is the concept that has just been introduced in MCU, but much more will be explored in the near future: Alternative Reality.

3. Temporary resurrection

Let’s just say that Tony stays in the grave for the future under consideration, he doesn’t have the opportunity to take revenge no matter how much he needs it.

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