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During The Screening Of Tenet In Singapore, Two People Wounded After Ceiling Collapse

After multiple delays, finally, the science-fiction spy film Tenet hit the theaters in the UK. It is directed and written by Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Actors like John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki are playing main lead roles in the film. Some fans believed that it is the sequel of Nolan’s other film, Inception, but it is not.

Recently an immense tragedy happened during the screening of Tenet in a Singapore theater. So keep reading to know about this incident below:

Two People Injured After Ceiling Collapse During The Screening Of Tenet

So after waiting for such a long time, finally the viewers now able to watch the film Tenet in the theaters. But for two people, everything turned into a nightmare. Both got injured when they were watching Tenet and suddenly the ceiling collapsed at the Shaw Theatres NEX Mall in Singapore. A part of the ventilation duct hit attendees who were sitting in the area.

The condition of the two injured persons is not known. After this incident, the multiplex is shut down. Also, there will be no film screening after this incident. An attendee said that when the part of the ceiling hit his head, then he was also got confused as sounds coming from the speakers.

Tenet Receiving Great Response After Its Release

In the UK, Tenet was released in the cinemas on August 26, 2023. It will also release in the United States on September 3, 2023. After its release, the film is receiving a great response from everyone. The critics also appreciated the film for cast performances and the direction of Christopher Nolan.

Tenet is also doing well on the box office, and it looks like the film will set a record also. Tom Cruise also went to watch the movie in the cinemas, and he also liked it very much. If you have not watched the film, then have a look at the trailer of the film below: