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HBO Max Pulled ‘Gone With the Wind’ Following Racist Depictions In The 90’s Movie

The first to be ever African- American Oscar-winning film, Gone With The Wind, is now removed from the new online streaming platform, HBO Max. However, it had been pulled back by the streaming platform after a lot of backlash from the people citing racist depictions. The movie is based on the American Civil War showing an emerging love story between Scarlett O’Hara, daughter of a plantation owner, and Rhett Butler a gambler.

Slavery, Violence, Etc, Were All Depicted In The Movie

The movie was a cult classic, but it also showed a greater portrayal of the African- American, the violent, and cruel face of slavery. And we know that such racism is neither acceptable now nor it was then. And if we see the present scenario, the ongoing protests in The United States Of America on the brutal murder of African- American George Floyd had led to wrath among the citizens.

This recent protest gave strength to many people who were the victim of racism in their own country. Many celebrities have come forwards in support of this movement, and it includes many celebrities from Hollywood as well.

Gone with the Wind
Source: The Hill

TV Shows Showing Racism Are Being Removed

Many other streaming giants and channels have also removed all those TV shows and movies that depicted slavery, racism, and all such stuff that can hurt human sentiments. One such example is of BBC channel that removed all the episodes of a series called ‘Mini Brain’.

Racism is not acceptable and is also a punishable offense. The movie shows the right amount of racial discrimination that cannot be made available online, especially during this time. The makers, however, have decided to bring it back, depicting only historical context and not any form of discrimination.

It was the right decision indeed made by the makers and the people since if it would have been launched, then the streaming platform would have faced severe anger and wrath of the people. The classical movie had been modified from a novel of the identical name penned by Margaret Mitchell. HBO Max is the new online streaming platform by HBO launched on May 27, 2024.

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