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Wolverine: Hugh Jackman Turned Down Offer To Return! But This Actor Might Be The Replacement

Although Dark Phoenix has been critically acclaimed and will become the biggest box office bomb of the past year, fans are still fully aware of the X-Men reboot again, but only because the mutations have been around recently. Fox’s time at the helm of the franchise was marked by inconsistency, which is not surprising, as sequences, reboots, reboots, spin-offs and discreet remakes followed in various places and were based on how the last episode came out, it seemed that the well began to works more than a little dry.

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Now that the characters are in the hands of Marvel Studios, there is a renewed sense of excitement and optimism surrounding a property we’ve seen on the big screen twelve times in the last two decades. Even if we haven’t seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe X-Men in a long time, Kevin Feige is definitely planning their possible introduction to the most popular movie series.

Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine?

Ever since Fox’s acquisition ended, there have been speculations that Marvel would try to lure Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine, which the actor admitted would be the game if the deal had been made. several years earlier. Logan seemed to be drawing a fairly definite line under his emblematic role, but rumours continued to persist that he could eventually be persuaded to return.

Jackman refused the proposal:

However, we have now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us that it is a Percy Jackson show and that a spinoff of Captain Pike Star Trek is taking place, both right – that Feige gave an invitation to Jackman to resume the role but was rejected. According to our information, the 51-year-old is simply not interested in returning to play Wolverine full time, but he has not ruled out the idea of ​​creating a small bucket somewhere along the line, perhaps in Multiverse or as an alternative version of the hero.

Of course, you can fully understand Jackman’s decision, as Logan brought his bow to a definitive conclusion in one of the greatest comic books ever made after more than 20 years playing the mutant diamond. The MCU X-Men should also mark a new beginning for the characters, which means you’re completely clearing the slate and starting over.

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