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Venom 2: Potential Plot For The Sequel Of Antihero Movie Explained

Here is all that a fan of Venom needs to be aware of its second film!

Well, well, well, as all the people who have to love the film called Venom, know that it was such a hit at box office income, but the critics never rested than to give away a negative response for it. Despite all these facts, the film was able to gross over 850 million US dollars from around the world. All that while, the cast members who were employed in this tale were so confident about its sequel that they began talking about it even before the first film even released out in the cinemas.

The second part of Venom, which has also been provided with a title which is Venom: Let There Be Carnage was assured to all the fans and then was put under the process of development back in January of 2019 along with writer Kelly Marcel who has previously served as one of the writers present in the first film. All the crew has sailed on the second project meant for the Venom ship, and now we are hearing is thunder.

Here is what we know about the crew set for Venom 2!

All this while, it also should be noticed that Ruben Fleischer, the man who directed the first film, is likely to not get back on this sequel because of the commitments he has with other projects right now.

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So to replace the director chair that has been left vacant by Ruben, the officials have put forward Andy Serkis to direct the tale, but now it is the point in time to talk about the anti-hero of Tom Hardy.

When is Venom: Let There Be Carnage going to release for all of to watch in the cinemas?

Well, if we go on and talk about a potential release date for the upcoming tale, then you would be so glad to know that it was expected to come out on the 2nd of October 2024 in the theatres of the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

A news media outlet called Insider has been confirmed by Sony that the film is still set to release on that same particular date even after every health crisis that this world is going through. The process of filming began in November of 2019 and went on to happen until April of 2024.

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