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Cuties: Netflix Film Faces Backlash With People Boycotting The Streaming Giant

The streaming program Netflix recently came with a french movie named Cuties. It is coordinated by Maïmouna Doucouré, who additionally wrote the content of the film. The movie is from the maker Zangro. The film is as of now delivered in France, and it recently came on the streaming Netflix

Before the Netflix debut of the French film, it has made a controversey, and now fans are started campaigning to cancel the movie

Fans Were Disappointed After Netflix Released Its Poster

Before Cuties came on Netflix, it has pulled in controversy. When Netflix delivered the poster and trailer for the film, individuals censured the film by saying that it advances pedophilia. At that point, the Parents Television Council additionally mentioned Netflix to cancel the film. Netflix additionally said that they replace the poster with another one.

Fans were in no state of mind to save NETFLIX either. It too confronted the heat for utilizing the poster while advancing the film, which shows little youngsters in crop tops and goods shorts and, to top it all off, making attractive move presents in the wake of expressing her real thoughts out on the discussion.