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Tekken 8: Major Updates On Release Date, Rumors, Trailer And More

Here is all that we know about the eighth season of Tekken!

As all the fans of the series, Tekken, know that its name is elemental to the genre of fighting games and it sits comfortably along with illustrious alumni such as Street Fighter as well as Mortal Kombat.

But there were recent offerings from Bandai Namco, the developer of it, who has paled in comparison to the original titles like Tekken 2 as well as Tekken 3.

Are we ever going to get another season for Tekken?

People who have binge-watched the show knows that the installment seven of Tekken that released back in June of 2017 has driven all the attention to a potential season eight for it.

This new project is going to act as a source of redemption along with a return to form interest for the franchise.

Has Tekken been renewed yet for an eighth installment or not?

Now the media has only one question in mind; Will, the eighth season of Tekken, be up to the mark that expectations surrounding it has set up for it by the household among gamers?

Even though we know that there is a striking lack of official updates that surrounds season 8 of Tekken but here is all that we should know about it.

Nothing has officially been confirmed by the creators of Tekken right now!

The creator of the show is yet to announce or reveal that Tekken 8 has officially been renewed or not.

This comes as a surprise given the time it has been since its last season aired and with such a vast fanbase, renewal should have been approved a long time ago.

When will season 8 of Tekken release for all the fans?

If we go on to talk about a potential release date for season 8 of Tekken, there is none. All the people living on Earth know how much-stuck everyone is in this pandemic created by the fatal Corona Virus.

It has also led to the closure of all the filming, development as well as production processes that have been happening in the entertainment industry. Thus, nothing could even be predicted about a release date.

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