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Pirates Of The Caribbean Part 6? 5 Things Known About The New Part?

The Pirates will be back!! Ohh yeah, we already told you that a sixth film to the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise is in the development stage, and we cannot get more excited than it. Afterall we got our favorite Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp, and his recognition has no boundaries since then.

Plot Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

The movies took us into the lives of pirates ruling over the waters and hunting down the treasures. It is a full journey of laughter, riots, adventures, and mysteries, making us all excited as to what would happen next. And this Disney production has a separate fan base that they want to maintain.

And hence, we are going to get a new movie to the franchise to bring a new freshness altogether. Here are five things we think that you might not know yet. So have a look.

1. A Female Lead-

A lot of news is doing the rounds that Karen Gillan has been roped in to play the lead protagonist named Redd. Her character is even based on a legendary pilot, and she would be taking the lead of the film this time. We have so many strong female presence in the earlier films, and seeing a female taking over as the lead would be a new freshness to the film.

2. Davy Jones as the villain-

If you watched the post-credits scene, we witnessed that Davy was alive and in his glory. This means that he could be back to take revenge from those who did wrong to him( according to Davy). So we need the stronger villain to create the excitement.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Source: Disney

3. Jack Sparrow won’t be there-

This was also informed by us very much in advance that this time Jack would not be leading the movie. This was because of Depp’s ongoing case of.domestic abuse against his ex-wife. But he would be a part of the film for a short time as a supporting character.

4. Some portions of Part 5 can be seen-

The actress seen in the fifth installment told that she would be a part of the sixth one as it was made to go simultaneously with the fifth part. This means we could have some portions from the Pirates 5.

5. Solid writing-

since we know that after fourth and fifth films released, the response went down, and this loosened out the interest of the fans from the franchise. Well, we have now on board the original writer of the films and promises the sixth one to be a good one and the best of all.

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