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Justice League Snyder Cut Could Be Four Hours Long

In another universe, DCEU Cyborg’s first solo film was released last month, as the character was hugely successful with audiences at Zack Snyder’s favorite and acclaimed Justice League, prompting many to believe that Warner Bros. may have finally created real competition for the powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Justice League director’s cut will finally be released:

But in this universe, we’re coming out of the coveted edition of Joss Whedon’s Justice League for more than two years now, which has rushed along with heavy studio interference. Meanwhile, Batman has already been redesigned, Flash is still stuck in development and Cyborg doesn’t seem to have much of a future on the big screen. But fortunately, we will soon see how Snyder’s initial vision for the team would come out.

Yes, after tireless campaigns, fans have expressed their desire, as Warner Bros. announced that Snyder Cut will arrive at HBO Max in 2023. And when it does, it could only last 4 hours. What will be added to the film remains a mystery, but clearly Zack has a lot – and we mean a lot – that he wants to show us.

Synder Cut will have six episodes:

In fact, it has also been reported that Snyder Cut could be published in six episodes. Obviously, they haven’t decided yet, but in any case, it seems that the fans who are more hungry than the emblematic super team have a real surprise. Especially now that we know that Darkseid will be involved as well.

With the movie that has now been confirmed for HBO Max, let’s imagine that we will start to learn more about what will be included soon.

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