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Joker 2: Why Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Won’t Have A Sequel

Joaquin Phoenix set the standards of being joker after Health Ledger and the likes of Mark Hamill in the world of games and animated series. He got crowned with the best accolade for the best actor. However, his performance is none less than the so-called God level as he perfectly nailed the character.

Sequel Speculations

However, Joker is in a lot of speculations after its release as the flick is none less than a phoenix who rose from the ashes. Now everyone is focused on its sequel which could be nothing than just a rumour for now. Joker Sequel is been in talks since the release of the first part and expected to be one of the best franchises DC could ever have.

Why Sequel Won’t Happen?

If we are talking about a possible sequel in these two to three years, its nothing more than a dream. There are many reasons to justify the fact that Joker will not have a sequel very soon.


Joker ended with a simple plot as many fans were dreaming of, the end doesn’t indicate for a story buildup. As we already know that first, the story messed up with timelines as Joker is not so elder than Batman, according to the DC universe. So the point is that Flick is totally based upon the early life of Joker and now if we talk about the sequel there will be Batman-Joker saga in which DC is not likely to be interested.


Coronavirus Outbreak

The Pandemic already wiped out the existence of co-existing projects, so thinking about the joker sequel is stupidity. Likes of Wonder Woman release date got pushed and many TV show projects are still lagging behind.

Focused Projects

Some days past DC already confirmed that they will try to focus on Superman again as they have to find a potential replacement or to rehire former star, Henry Cavill. So shifting the ideas and time for another project means that sequel won’t happen anytime soon.

Justice League

After the alliance masterpiece of Marvel Avengers, its the one thing that DC lacks since the release of the first instalment of the Justice League. Now a sequel is in the works and many other stars could be a part of the operation and DC has a lot to do. From hiring actors to make an interesting plot, it will take a large focus of the production of the sequel flick.

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