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Dark Desire Season 2: Is There Any Information Regarding Its Release Date?

Dark Desire Season 2. The largest proportion of viewers prefer romantic thrillers with intimate and gripping scenes that drive them wild. Netflix is ​​becoming more and more popular with and represents such content and shows like Likes of You, Shameless, Elite, and many more.

The last entry of the Mexican thriller Dark Desire is full of twists and turns, of course, also intimate scenes. The program revolves around the life of a woman who had a good time with a young man and liked him. But keeping the story separate for a few moments, we’re talking about a possible sequel season.

Here’s Everything We All Should Know About Dark Desire Season 2.

Dark Desire Season 2: Is There Any Announcement Regarding Season 2?

However, there has been no official confirmation from the audience or the stage as to whether there will be a sequel season. But still, the public is liking it because the story ends with a cliffhanger and already gives clues for another season. Meanwhile, the show landed only last month, so it’s too early to decide the show’s fate for its sequel.

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Dark Desire Season 2: When Will It Release Date?

As is clear, the COVID-19 epidemic halted all ongoing projects in its first wave. Caution is taken and maintaining social distances around the world is a top priority. Therefore, filming is not possible in such circumstances, and therefore the program may be delayed for four to five months. So the expected release date for the sequel season will befall 2023.

Therefore, a sudden spike is common as it is difficult to complete the program in 6 months and maintain the annual program schedule. So there are no expectations that the show can land on its anticipated schedule.

Dark Desire Season 2: Details About Cast Of The Show

  • Matta Peroni as Alma Solares
  • Eric Hasser as Esteban Solares
  • Alejandro Spitzer as Dario Guerra
  • Leonardo Solares as George Poja
  • Maria Fernanda Yepes as Brenda Castillo
  • Regina Pavon as Zoe Solare
  • Paulina Matos as Edith Ballesteros
  • Claudia Pinada as Garcia

So sequel season is imminent, and all we need is an official confirmation.

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