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Johnny Depp: Here’s How He Would Look Like As Joker In The Batman Sequel

Warner Bros. Joker Fever knows no bounds. We hear everything from many Joker in the Joker sequence, to the Joker appearing for a camera in Space Jam 2, to a Flashpoint Joker woman in The Flash. But a Joker that we can absolutely guarantee will happen is the one that Robert Pattinson will face in the aftermath of The Batman.

Here's How Johnny Depp Could Look As Joker In The Batman

How Johnny will look like a Joker?

It’s been twelve years since Bat and the clown fought on the big screen, with Jared Leto and Ben Affleck not sharing so much of a scene together. Therefore, we can assume that either a teaser of Joker was fired in the Batman finale, or he may appear stunningly in a post-credit scene. In any case, we can assume that Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves already have some actors in mind to play the role.

One is Johnny Depp, obviously, and digital artist BossLogic has now created a neat image using Grindelwald as a base to show what his Joker will look like.

Is Depp really a logical casting?

Well, he has long been committed to the place over the years, with fans inviting him to star in The Dark Knight. His constant appearances in Fantastic Beasts show that even Warner Bros. he still has confidence in his talents. In addition, his legal battle for the title with his ex-wife Amber Heard made a turning point in his favour when the sound that seemed to suggest Heard was attacking him was released.

All this makes his cast far from a dead certificate, but he is the most likely candidate we have at the moment. I’m sure Depp could give us a really threatening and eccentric Joker, although I hope he can limit Captain Jack Sparrow’s ways to something a little more focused and deadly.

Batman performs on June 25, 2023.

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