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Hulk Hogan Biopic: Here Are The All Latest Updates We Have On Chris Hemsworth Starrer Movie

A biopic on one of the ace wrestlers is happening for one more time, and this time by none other than the leading online streaming giant Netflix. We are talking about Hulk Hogan on whom Netflix is curating another biopic. So what are all the updates on the upcoming biopic, and who is going to portray the character?

Movie To Feature Our Very Own Thor

Well, well, we consider this as a perfect choice and he is none other than our very own the Lord of Thunder, Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth. We have already seen Chris essaying macho characters that require so much physical strength and masculinity to dive into the role.

When Chris was asked about his preparation to don the look of Hulk, he said that it would be just physically insane to bring life to the character. He has already started his preparation for the same because it requires both looks as well as sound like Hulk. But despite everything, be it putting in hell level of effort and making himself push to do things, Chris is enjoying and looking forward to being a part of the movie. Hopefully, Chris by now, must have read the finished finalized script which he did not until April 2023.

Hulk Hogan Biopic
Source: Men’s Health

Production Details Of The Movie

Also, the filming for the movie and even the pre-production work is yet to commence because the world was put under lockdown because of the outbreak of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this but a line of web series and films have got affected because of the pandemic. However, slowly many of them are getting back to work so we hope that in the coming few weeks we get some good news about the commencement of the biopic.

Cast In The Movie

Nothing much has been revealed yet by the makers on the cast or locations or the plot, which has been kept very tight. But we can assume that being a biopic ofcourse Hulk’s career and journey as coming out as a big name in the wrestling world be portrayed. Todd Phillips will direct the film, and Chris is gearing up for this one. We have high hopes from him and hope that he meets up those expectations.

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