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Extraction: Chris Hemsworth’s Starrer Ready To Set On Netflix Screens

In April, Chris Hemsworth has collaborated with Sam Hargrave, the MCU stunt coordinator for the recent original Netflix movie called Extraction. Not the only Marvel Cinematic Universe link the film has – Avengers: this was created by Endgame helmets Joe and Anthony Russo. Hemsworth shares the screen with Black Widows Red Guardian, also known as David Harbour, who isn’t a stranger to Netflix’s more expensive streaming ventures since its debut.

Hemsworth, as black market mercenary Tyler Rake, who has to search and retrieve the kidnapped son of a criminal, is classified in Extraction. This is not the kind of role we are used to seeing the actor at this stage, as typically when he is off the micro clock, he likes to flex his comedy muscles. Director Hargrave acknowledges that any effort to make Hemsworth angry and more gritty for the movie is, in the end, meaningless.