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Bad Boys For Life: The Movie Had A Dark Alternate Ending

Bad Boys for Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have made a huge revelation about the film and it seems like there was an alternate ending planned as well for the film! Let us look unto the details and you don’t want to miss out on the details of the alternate ending.

Bad Boys For Life Directors Have A Huge Revelation To Make And You Can’t Just not Miss It!

The two directors have recently opened up about quite a few endings which were planned out by them, however, there was this one epic climax that did not make it in the final cut! Now we can look into eh alternate ending and wonder how it would have turned out.

The Film Had Not One But Multiple Versions Of The Film. Here’s What We Know.

While fans saw how the film had quite a big emotional twist at the end with Armando Aretas discovering the big relation of Mike being his father. However, while Isabel tried to shoot Armando down, Armando manages to save himself but ends up in prison.

While the directors confessed that they had planned out multiple versions of how the film can be wrapped up, there was this rather insane conclusion where Isabel would willingly jump into the fire and would take Mike Lowrey with her! So basically it would have a let’s all die together situation!

The Directors Called The Alternate Ending More Like A Greek Tragedy!

The director joked and said that the whole situation would have ended like a big Greek tragedy! It was too.much according to the makers and now well never know-how that would have turned out! Mike went to visit his long lost son in the prison thus, making way for yet another upcoming film. So we can assume that yet another film is on the way.

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