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Detective Pikachu 2: Is The Sequel Of Pokémon Film Happening? Know Here

Legendary’s Pokémon Detective Pikachu is the first real-life action movie about Pocket Monsters. The Pocket Monster franchise first launched in the mid-1990s, sweeping the world with video games, a trading card game, and an animated television show.

In 2016, the Pokémon brand saw a resurgence with the launch of the mobile game Pokémon Go, but Legendary also acquired the rights to the Pokemon live-action movie this year. With that deal, Legendary announced its first live-action Pokemon movie that would be based on the 2016 game Detective Pikachu.

Expected Release Date:

Now that Detective Pikachu is hitting theatres around the world, fans will be delighted to discover what the future holds for this real-action Pokémon universe.

In January, Legendary turned to 22 Jump Street writer Oren Uziel to write the script for the Detective Pikachu sequel. Detective Pikachu 2’s story is being finalized, and the studio must set a release date for the sequel.

Unless the legend has cut the time required. For post-production work, this situation may come first. Detective Pikachu’s reviews have been positive enough for the film to be successful, almost guaranteeing a sequel, although the main obstacle will be Detective Pikachu’s budget. But if the legendary detective continues to move forward with Pikachu 2, it could come in the next three years.

Expected Plotline of the movie

Very little is clear about what will happen to the Detective Pikachu sequel. Detective Pikachu Ending leaves a very different configuration than Tim Goodman and Talking Pikachu’s partner. It is revealed that the reason Pikachu can speak is the creature that has the essence of Tim’s father, Harry, who returns to human form thanks to Mewat. Of course, Detective Pikachu 2 can have the role of Tim and Harry, played by Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds, solving cases with the help of Harry’s Pikachu.

But since Detective Pikachu is not present at the end of the film, perhaps “Sequel” is not as straightforward a follow-up as a spin-off. Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly what the Detective Pikachu sequel will be about.

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