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Birds Of Prey: Why Is The Sequel Cancelled? Here’s What We Know

It has been rumored that the sequel of Margot Robbie’s Birds Of Prey has been canceled. As we all know that Birds of Prey was a big failure at the box office Robot has said about the sequel of the film has been canned. According to the sources, the Warner Bros does not believe in the movie’s creative team anymore. Birds of Prey had been a big flop with the worst opening of any DC comic superhero film record, which brought only US$201.

It was also a blow for Margot, who has also played a significant part in producing the film. The film is said to be worse than the movie Green Lantern which was critically panned at still. It brought US$219.9 million. It has been reported that after the success of Birds of Prey was anticipated, Margot was expected to be the lead character of the next Suicide Squad film. Here’s everything we know about the Birds of Prey 2.

Birds of Prey 2:Cancelled or renewed?

Birds Of Prey
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While the film Birds of Prey had been a big flop with earning just US$201.9 million worldwide, Cathy Yan has already said about the cast of the Birds of Prey 2 along with Poison Ivy’s introduction. For those who have watched, the film Birds of Prey got ended with many loose ends that might be tied into the sequel. Warner Bros has not officially confirmed the sequel of the movie, and there have been many speculations that the sequel will be canceled.

Other Updates and A Good News

Its bad news, however, there’s good news too. Warner Bros has been maintaining a good working relationship with Christina Hodson, the writer of The Birds of Prey. She is also said to write the Batgirl and solo movie The Flash. According to the sources, Cathy Yan, the director of the film, has said that she didn’t think that fans were done with Harley and her story. She says that people are not yet ready to get over Harley Quinn and her story, either. Till further updates regarding the sequel, we must surely wait.

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