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What If Keanu Reeves Was Not John Wick! 5 Actors Who Should Play The Character

As well as the last six years three movies released, the franchise of John Wick has done a great job of hiring the real gangsters to act in the key of supporting roles alongside Keanu Reeves.  Here you grab the list of those actors who should play the character when if Keanu Reeves was not a John Wick.

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Uma Thurman:

In the future of the franchise of John Wick after playing a big role by Uma, there are many chances that  Thurman will appear in the place of Reeves when he was not a John Wick. Well, there is no information about that but we expected that Thurman is one of the favorite choices of creators of John Wick as well.

Gina Carano:

However, From the Haywire to Mandalorian and Fast and Furious 6, Gina always shows herself on screen as one of accomplished criminal and she proves herself consistently on the screen as well. It lends special authenticity. This is the same authenticity that is deeply ingrained in the atmosphere of John Wick’s films and is, therefore, an excellent match for the actor’s material. She can deliver a great performance when given the right stuff, and it’s constantly fun to watch her shed tears through her opponents.

Iko Uwais:

If you don’t include Iko Uwais, I will give you full permission to consider this list invalid, so please consider this to avoid the need to leave a negative post in the comment section. For those who don’t immediately recognize the name, Uwais is the star of two films in The Ride Dialogue (one of the incredibly heartbreaking pieces of modern action cinema), and more recently his profile roles.

Joe Taslim:

Well, those people who have watched The Raid will recognize Joe very well. There is no doubt Joe Taslim as one of the film’s top villains on the screen alongside Echo Uwais. On the other side, his chemistry on the screen connect with there fans many years as well. The night has come for us. Taslim is also getting a slew of performances in Hollywood movies like Star Trek Beyond, Fast and Furious 6, and the upcoming Mortal Kombat, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before John Jock brings him into the universe.

Tony Jaa:

With the exception of the smaller roles in Furious 7 and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Tony Jaa doesn’t have much experience working on English movies, but from a physical point of view, he’s certainly good. Taking. Therefore, these characters are the first choice of the creators of John Wick when Keanu Reeves was not a John Wick, respectively.

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