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WandaVision: Two Young Avengers Will Make Their Debut

WandaVision is An American miniseries. Wandavision is superhero series from Marvel and will show up for the fans of the streaming program on Disney+. This miniseries is assembled characters concerning the Marvel Comics. The series is set under the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is MCU.

The main lead roles of the series are Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision. All the events that happen about the show happened after the end of the film Avengers: Endgame. The makers of the miniseries are Schaeffer serving, and the head is Matt Shakman.

What’s The Production Updates

The shooting of the miniseries started close to the start of November 2019 at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and the superhero series taking the headings from Shakman. The film shooting was wrapped up after all the lock-down all the actions in light of the COVID-19. Now the shooting of the series can proceed from July 2024 and that too in Los Angeles.

There is no confirmation out yet from the side of makers that when they will release the series. We can’t make any estimates about the show arrival date. So fans have to wait for the news on its release. But now we have good news for them as there will be the appearance of two young avengers.

Two Young Avengers Will Make Their Debut

WandaVision Rumor Points at Two Major Young Avengers Debuts With Mystery Castings
Source: Comic Book

It is reported that the miniseries WandaVision have two young Avengers characters with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The two young Avengers, Wiccan, and Speed will appear in the miniseries, possibly showing up first as babies. From that point, they’ll age as the show advances and, their high school selves will make their big-screen appearance in the upcoming sequel movie Doctor Strange 2 by their mom, Scarlet Witch.

Right now, it is not officially revealed who’ll wind up playing these two superheroes, yet thinking about that, there are other more youthful crimefighters in transition, But now fans are excited to see the young avengers in the upcoming miniseries.

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