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Lea Michele Confirms Pregnancy Rumors With A Photograph

Sources confirmed that after rumors spread earlier this week that Lea Michele was pregnant, the actress told that she and her loving husband, Zandy Reich, had their first child with a post. on Instagram They are waiting for A photo of Michele standing barefoot in the grass in a pale blue dress, looking at her belly, is accompanied by the caption in which she feels very grateful.

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So grateful ?

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Michele’s comment section was greeted by other celebrities congratulating her and expressing her enthusiasm for the news. Her scream was written by Queens co-star Emma Roberts. Ashley Tisdale jumped into the comment without enthusiasm in it, and it seems like she’s shocked by this picture.

Maran Morris congratulates the new mommy in her style. Former Michelle Glee co-star Naiya Rivera congratulated her too and expected that she will become a great mother too. Sources reported that in March 2019 Michele and Reich were married, and after they were together for the first time in 2017.


Several months after the wedding, Michele expressed her hope of becoming a mother in an interview with Health. In the same interview, Michele mentioned her struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which can make it difficult for women to conceive. Describing this as a very common condition, Michele talked about how she was able to reduce symptoms through lifestyle adjustments, such as a plant-based diet. She’s very lucky because there are more extreme versions of PCOS, which cause a lot of difficulties for women.

Since Michele has grown up performing on stage, it’s not surprising that, before announcing her pregnancy, she already had her baby Thinking of adorable Halloween costumes. They will be like the cutest thing she revealed that in an interview. Therefore, the Parents have not yet announced the child’s expiration date or any other details we get something new we will tell you first for sure.

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