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Universal Is In Talks For Producing Tom Cruise Space Movie

Universal might want to acquire the rights to a new space film starring Tom Cruise!

Well, well, well, a new report has come into the light of news media outlets that Universal Pictures is in the phase of quite early talks to acquire all the rights to the untitled film which stars actor Tom Cruise as well as Doug Liman. This is a space movie amd a specific individual who knows this particular project has revealed the news.

As you all should know that this forthcoming film is undoubtedly going to make history while being the first narrative tale of its sort to be shot in space.

Here is what we know about the cast as well as crew members on this space project film!

We have seen actor Liman working with the iconic man Tom Cruise on other movie projects like Edge of Tomorrow as well as American Made. Both guys are set on the board of this film to write its screenplay while also producing it all.

NASA confirms it's working with Tom Cruise to make a movie in ...

Obviously, at this point, the intricate details about the plot of this film have been kept under utmost secrecy, maybe they have hidden it somewhere in the whole vast space.

Here is how the idea of shooting a film in the International Space Station arrived!

Earlier, it was disclosed that Tom Cruise, as well as billionaire Elon Musk and his company Space X, happened to be in the starting stage of collaborating with NASA for a film that would be full of action as well as adventure. This movie would be set to get its process of filming done abroad at the International Space Station.

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