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True: Terrific Tales: When The Show Will Release And Plot Info

Guru Production’s popular American animated series for preschoolers True And The Rainbow Kingdom is coming back for more adventure with a spin-off series. Guru Production is famous for animated series like PAW patrol, Abbey Hatcher, Justin Time, and The Breadwinner.

Release Date 

True And The Rainbow Kingdom’s spin-off will release as True: Terrific Tales on Netflix on 12 May 2024. The series will be a collection of eight fairy tale stories. These fairy tales will have interesting and inspiring twists.

Stories Include…

True and her friends will spin the stories with the help of the magical Story Spinner and create their versions of  Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, and many other famous classic tales. The series will that have a collection of eight fairy tales includes Three Little Yetis, Grizeldalocks, The Fishy Poof Touch’ and Little Red Riding Mila.  It also includes Bartleochio, Cat and the Poofstalk, Rock Critter Prince, and Rainbowella. Each story has a positive message in it.

The Cast of The Animated Series 

The cast of True: Terrific Tales includes Michela Luci as True, Eric Peterson as Rainbow King, Jamie Watson as Bartleby, and Anna Claire Bartlam as Grizelda. The cast also has Nicolas Aqui as Zee, Cory Doran, Julie Lemieux, and Derek McGrath.

True and her friends have created a dedicated fan base for themselves all around the world.

These short stories have positive messages for the kids. They empower the children to be respectful and compassionate. They will also make the kids laugh and take them on various magical adventures.



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