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Tom Cruise Risks His Life While Filming A Dangerous Scene From Mission Impossible 7

We know that Tom Cruise likes to shoot his own action scenes, but sometimes he plays it too much, like in this spectacular video of Mission Impossible 7.

After a long delay due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Mission Impossible 7 is now finally back in production, and star Tom Cruise has started to prove why he is the best at what he does. In other words, show that you are willing to do anything to make the action scenes look very realistic on the big screen. Now jump with a motorcycle and then open a parachute. The video that we leave you is very shocking.

What is the movie about?

As of now, nothing much has been revealed about the storyline but the return of Christopher McQuarrie as the director to the seventh installment of the franchise certainly guarantees the fact that it will be as better as the previous movies. Especially if Tom Cruise continues to risk everything for a shocking result.

The filmmaker had previously teased that his lead was planning to pull off some raunchy stunts, which isn’t hard to believe considering the things he’s already accomplished in the franchise to date. However, a new video from the set has confirmed that Tom Cruise insane, but he is willing and capable of death-defying actions that would make seasoned stuntmen think twice.

Mission Impossible 7 will premiere on November 19, 2024.

‘Mission Impossible 7’ Cast

The saga will have Tom Cruise as the main protagonist, playing Ethan Hunt for the seventh time since 1995, the year the first installment was released. Rebecca Ferguson will also return as Ilsa; Simon Pegg as Benji; Ving Rhames as Luther (whom we didn’t see in installments 4 and 5); Vanessa Kirby as Alanna and, the surprise of this installment … Henry Czerny will return as Eugene Kittridge, head of the IMF in the saga’s first installment.

There will also be Nicholas Hoult, whom we know from the ‘X-Men’ saga, as the film’s main villain, although we still do not know his identity. And it is rumored that both Henry Cavill and Vanessa Redgrave, and Alec Baldwin could return in the form of cameos.

Although the star signing is Hayley Atwell. We still don’t know what her role will be in the series, but from what has been leaked, she will be an agent who will put Ethan Hunt and his team in a tight spot.

‘Mission Impossible 7’ Director

Christopher McQuarrie, who took the saga’s reins from the fifth installment, ‘Mission Impossible: Secret Nation,’ will be in charge of directing ‘Mission Impossible 7’, which will have a script McQuarrie himself.

‘Mission Impossible 7’ Trailer

For now, there is no trailer for ‘Mission Impossible 7’.

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