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The Lost Boys Reboot: Check All The Updates On The Upcoming CW Series

Here is what we know about the film, The Lost Boys and the CW show treatment it is going to get!

Well, well, well, at this point in time, here is a piece of great news for all the people who are in love with the film called The Lost Boys which came out back in 1987 because it is now taking a path to the small screen pretty soon through The CW and here is all the information that you need to have about this certain TV show.

Obviously, the people who stan the genre of vampires know that The Lost Boys is one the most fun as well as the purely made vampire films. We, the lovers of action, can witness cool skills of sports as well as a cast that is full of recognizable faces and a rocking soundtrack from the 80s at every moment that the audience might want to hold onto. Also, the setting of the party which is done by the film is so honest and cheerful.

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Here is what the film, The Lost Boys is all about!

All this time, there is no denial in the fact that Near Dark is probably the better version of a vampire tale but it is clearly visible why the audience of 1987 is pulled more towards The Lost Boys. It is well a great film and expertly happens to combine the scares with the other trappings to amaze the audience of a horror film.

The film also has employed great amusing comedy as well as an aura of coolness that happens. Also, no one should ever, ever underestimate the drawing lower which is held by Corey Feldman as well as Corey Haim who at that point in history, was one of the biggest young stars in the industry of Hollywood.

It has been quite some time since 2016 that The CW has been trying to get the adaptation of The Lost Boys into the process of production but it looks successful now, after all these years.

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