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The Live-Action Flick Mulan: Doesn’t Perform Well At Box Office In China

Since the controversy over the re-enactment of Alathethe Multan’s live-action, Disney is “very happy” with its success, but the company has not released any box office figures. While the company declined to say how much money the film has made so far, company officials praised positive results at the box office after the start of Sept. 4.

The Official Statements

Christine McCarthy, Disney’s chief financial officer, said, according to Bloomberg: The four-day weekend is just beginning.” The $ 200 million productions were slated for a major theatrical release, but the coronavirus epidemic prompted Disney to decide to implement it instead of the Disney + streaming platform. However, not all Disney + customers have automatic access to the long-awaited movie. Instead, viewers have to pay about $ 30 (variations by country) for “premiere access” to stream the movie in addition to what they already pay. We’re sure some people came to the service that was also on the fence before.”

Disney wanted to make a splash in China with 'Mulan.' It stumbled instead | World News,The Indian Express

Image Source: The Indian Express

Success And Openings

Mulan has a very successful opening weekend in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, as well as Singapore and Thailand, where it is the most successful opening weekend of any movie of 2024. Mulan earned $ 1.2 million in Taiwan as reported by Medial. Opening weekend with the film is said to have grossed approximately $ 5.9 million over the weekend.

Result Of The Backlash

Reuters has reported that China has halted media coverage of the film following the Xinjiang backlash, another blow to its reputation, which would affect ticket sales and the number of customers. Credit for the film comes from a thank you to the Xinjiang province government security agency, the Turpen Municipal Public Security Bureau, where around 1 million Uygar Muslims are believed to be under house arrest in “camps. re-education”. If Mulan is not successful at the Chinese box office, it will dampen Disney’s hopes of making a profit on the film.

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