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The Eternals: Kumail Nanjiani Claimed His Character Can Beat Deadpool In A Battle

It seems like one character from the upcoming superhero film The Eternals is pretty confident about his power as he is straight-up challenging yet another superhero! What is this all about? Let’s find that out!

The Eternals Star Kumail Nanjiani Challenges Yet Another Superhero And Can Defeat Him!

Apparently, The Lovebirds star Kumail Nanjiani has stated that his character in Eternals can defeat a bar fight. The actor is all set to play the role of Kingo Sunen in his first-ever superhero movie and has made quite a bold statement it seems. However, the actor is pretty sure about it and talks more about this epic battle.

Kumail Nanjiani’s Character In Eternals Can Defeat Deadpool In A Bar Fight!

The film is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 and is slated to be the big screen on 12th February 2024. Some big names are associated with the movie including Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Kit Harrington alongside Kumail Nanjiani. No additional details about the plot have been revealed until now.

During a telephonic interview when Kumail was promoting his new Netflix movie The Lovebirds, he cheekily said that his character will definitely win a bar fight against Deadpool. However, he can’t tell us exactly why! The actor further added to the fact that he is grateful to be a part of the Marvel Universe. It is going to be epic for sure!

The Actor Is Pretty Sure He Can Challenge Deadpool In A Fierce Dual!

The Lovebirds actor says he is a great fan of Marvel’s and being a part of it sure feels good enough. While he also said that they are under the strict instruction of not revealing any details about the details of the film. Moreover, we think he can beat Deadpool as his character is also quite a muscular man as Nanjiani broke the internet with his transformation pictures that created quite a stir over the internet. So, n epic encounter between Deadpool and Kingo Sunen won’t be a bad idea after all! It is going to be a hilarious one for sure.

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