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The Conjuring 3: Production Status And Expected Release Date

The Conjuring film franchise has been a massive success with every fill. It has not only managed to spook fans but came back with a new and exciting story every time. However, the horror film franchise is returning for a third film! Let us take a look at the upcoming third horror movie! It is sooner than you think!

When Is Hit Horror Film Franchise Conjuring 3 Releasing? Here’s What We Know.

While the third film has been slated for a summer 2024 release but it might go through some changes due to the COVID attack that has forces studios to withheld production under further notice.

The Paranormal Investigators Will Be Back With Yet Another Horror Story!

This time also paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren will be returning to solve yet another spook story this time. Moreover, Michael Chaves has been on board to helm the third installment as a director. The film is rumored to be released in September. However, we are not sure whether it will go according to the initial release date on the big screen.

While not a lot as been revealed about the upcoming horror film, it is rumored that the film will be based on the popular belief around the Curse of La Llorona, which can be the central core plot for the third installment of the franchise. This time the story is reportedly going to be revolving around a man who is guilty of murdering people. However, he claims a rather different story of a spirit, making him commit the crimes. It seems like there’s more than meets the eye in the new account.

Is There Going To Be Any Crossovers With The Other Spinoffs?

The Conjuring franchise has created some hit spinoffs over all these years, including the Annabelle, The Nun. While there is no official announcement, we wonder will these mysterious characters are going to make a reappearance in this third film or not? While this new story Seema to be intriguing of a man behind bars claiming to be innocent only to be claiming a new account altogether. Will the investigator able to break open the story?

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