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Static Shock: What We Know So Far About Unproduced DC Animated Movie

It seems like not all film projects are planned while some are accidents, similarly, an unproduced animated Static Shock movie was discovered when an artist attached to the project shared one of his storyboards. Let us look into the details of it.

Is There A Static Shock Animated Movie On Its Way? Here’s What We Know.

This how one of the most popular characters Static Shock was born out of a subsidiary of DC Comics called Milestone Comics, which was established and devoted further by a team of African American comic book creatives in order to enhance and uplift and eventual lack of diversity in the comic world.

The Dreamwork Animation Director Has Talked About The Possibilities.Have A Look.

If some fans are not well aware Static Shock accidentally acquires his powers when he gets himself exposed to experimental chemicals during a gang war. While at first the reading of this comic was limited to a certain community now some big studios might be interested in giving it a rather global lush further. Take a look at the Twitter post made by the director.

In order to make the character all the more popular, Dreamworks Animation Director Chris Copeland has recently shared a picture of a storyboard featuring Static Shock on Twitter. Furthermore, Copeland revealed it was one of the illustrations he has initially used during a pitch meeting with Warner Bros. Animation.

The Character Might Get A Film In The Near Future.

However, while there are chances, it doesn’t look like there’s a Static Shock film anytime soon and the chances are really slim at this point. This conclusion can be drawn after Copeland said he and his brother met with Warner Bros. to pitch an animated Static Shock film and hopefully one day it might get a greenlit which is not anytime sooner.

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