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Spider-Man: Is Third Instalment The Final Movie For Tom Holland?

Spider-Man Movie Third Episode

The artist Tom Holland has confirmed filming for the third episode will commence July 2024. It’s hard to believe the name Tom Holland was approximately forgotten when the actor first stepped into the masked costume of Spider-Man in 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming.

But the character was so immediate, critical and so pervasive, that when he reprised the role for the Spider-Man Far From Home, the movie was instantly admired and praised as a success as fans and supporters awaited news of a third episode. Well, the third movie is coming but do not expect it this year. Now according to the sources in an interview with Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tom Holland revealed that the shooting for the upcoming movie will begin later this year, while also revealing who would return from the cast and the absolutely crazy storyline.


The actor Tom Holland didn’t actually give away too much in the terms of storyline. But he did describe the story of the upcoming film as absolutely insane and that is enough to pique our interest.

All of this spells good news for followers, who were insignificantly concerned and worried about and they wouldn’t get to see a third Spider-Man when it was announced that negotiations between Marvel and Sony who owned the character’s film rights had broken down and that Spider-Man would be out of the MCU. Thankfully, it appears a new deal was agreed on.

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