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Sony Appointed Josh Cooley For Directing Malamander Movie

Josh Cooley has bagged another project, and this time its for Sony’s Malamander, Cooley recently signed a contract with Sony for directing their new live-action movie, the project is based on a 2019 novel by a British writer Thomas Taylor.

The movie revolves around a boy named Herbert Lemon who meets a young girl named Violet Parma, and the two are on a lookout for Violet’s lost parents who she lost when she was a child, we will see a monster and a villain along with the movie, and it sounds pretty impressive.

Toy Story 4' Director Josh Cooley to Tackle 'Malamander ...
Source Hollywood Reporter


Josh Cooley has been known for being a tremendous asset to Pixar, but since he left Pixar he has made a name for himself, Cooley won the Best Animated Feature Oscar for Toy Story 4.

Cooley has also been known for being a part of Paramount’s Transformers prequel. But Sony’s Malamander will be his first live-action feature. At the same time, some of the directors have returned to Pixar it looks like Cooley is pretty much done with the animation studio almost after giving them two decades of his incredible work.

Cooley started his career as a storyboard artist on movies like Up, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles before he went into writing short scripts for film, he also co-wrote Inside Out.


In an interview, Cooley said, ‘Creating films and being able to tell stories at Pixar for 17 years has been like a dream come true.’

He also mentioned ‘that the quality of storytelling at Pixar is a direct correlation to the quality of the people at Pixar who shape these stories, and they will always be Cooley’s family.’

At last, he said ‘that, however, it has been a tough decision to let go of Pixar he is happy to move forward, and he is excited to collaborate with new creators to tell so many more stories that he has for his audience.’

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