Shrek 5: What’s The Status Of The Fifth Movie? When Will It Release?

Is Shrek season 5 under production? What is the current status of the production of the movie? When can we expect it to release, what is the expected plotline and who can be in the cast? Here’s everything we know!

Shrek 5 was confirmed in 2014!

The fifth film was planned when NBCUniversal acquired DreamWorks Studios and then expressed an interest in relaunching the animation to move into the studio. Shrek season 5 was confirmed in 2014, but Chris Melanandri officially announced in 2016 after taking over the production. When “Shrek 5” was confirmed, it was also clarified that it would not be the sequel to the fourth movie, but would feature an independent story.

That’s why they call the fifth movie a reboot and not a sequel to the franchise. In 2017 McCullers announced that he had “Shrek 5.” Script completed. He shared that he restored the film the way NBCUniversal wants. Certainly, by assigning a production manager and a new writer and completing the script, there is no doubt that “Shrek 5” is still in the works and pre-production is underway.

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“Shrek 5”: Release Date

No official date has been announced for Shrek 5. As for the release date, the film could be released in 2024 or 2024. Due to the current situation of global coronavirus pandemic, the production of the movies and series are also halted. We can expect the movie to hit the theatres in the year 2024.

“Shrek 5”: Plotline

The fans will see a completely different story with the same characters in “Shrek 5”. They could show the Shrek family in the city or show them traveling, but whatever concept they decided to use, it is confirmed that this will be a modern theme. Furthermore, after Michael McCullar was chosen as the new writer, fans can also expect something similar to his previous works, including “Austin Powers” and “The Boss Baby.” This would be an interesting twist for “Shrek 5” and it would be really refreshing. The fans are excited to see what will happen in season five of Shrek.

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