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Scream 5: Here’s The Characters Who All May Return For The Fifth Part

The horror genre has been on the rise over the years and has resulted in new and critically acclaimed projects that have hit theatres. But there has always been panic around long-running franchises, and filmmakers were delighted to learn that Scream 5 is being developed recently. The Wes Craven franchise replaced him forever with a weird mix of slashers, comedy, and panic. Franchise star David Arquette has resumed Davy’s role in the next sequel, but will he be back again?

Scream Come With Its Next Season

The four films made so far have featured three main characters: David Arquette’s Davey, Courtney Cox Gayle, and Nev Campbell’s Sydney. However, despite Campbell’s potentially backtracking, Arquette is the only actor to confirm the film Scream 5. The 48-year-old actor was recently asked about the possible return of his co-stars:

Say he’s not a sheriff. It seems unsure whether the David Woodborough gang will return for the next five parts of the Scream franchise. It could be a game-changer for the Francoist, even if the film’s fans would get a big setback.

David Arquette’s comments to Andy Cohen on Radio Andy are sure to spark the screaming interests of fans eager to catch up with Gayle and Sydney. Neve Campbell’s character is the main protagonist of the franchise, the “last girl” she always gets from death experiences. You can’t imagine Scream 5 without her, as well as Kourtney Cox’s throat feathers.

Scream 5: Jenna Ortega Joins The Cast

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Scream Come With New Story After Craven Died In Before Season

When Wes Craven died in 2015, the Scream franchise seems to have been placed on indefinite detention. But that, thanks to Ready or Not Matt Matinity-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, have designed a new story that pays homage to Craven’s original vision. His work has also been influenced by Neve Campbell, who has revealed that he will be playing in Sydney after appearing in interviews. However, there is no indication as to whether or not it is.

David Arquette’s comments are also interesting, as he does not claim that any of his co-stars will return, including his ex-wife Cortney Cox. The two actors are collaborating with a daughter, so it is clear that they are in a regular relationship. But while she may know something more about what she’s doing, Arquette is careful not to break her contract and reveal any information about Scream 5.

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