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Ready Or Not: Will The Comedy Horror Movie Get A Sequel?

In recent years, fans have seen various basic concepts that are molded into fantastic films that people enjoy.

Here is everything that we need to know about a sequel to Ready Or Not!

It is safe to say that Ready Or Not is one of the many movies that follow this unique trend.

The film is entirely based on a script from Guy Busick as well as R. Christopher Murphy. At the same time, Matt Bettinelli Olpin, along with Tyler Gillet, serves as the director of this tale who crafted a movie that uniquely delved into black comedy and horror, and it worked.

The movie can easily fall into the category of a thriller.

Here is what the plot of Ready Or Not, the first movie, shows us!

Ready or Not takes the simple idea of witnessing a game of Hiding and Seek to play out on the screen, and then the film ups the ante by making the stakes real that has a supernatural twist to boot.

Well, everyone knows that this is not the first time that a children’s game has been adapted by a big-screen tale as most of the movies that used the game as a basis have also been in the horror genre.

Even though the idea of Ready or Not seems to be very common, the movie is not what it looks like!

Although, the premise adopted by Ready or Not seems to be ludicrous on the top but transforms into a wild ride later from within. This is the sole reason why fans have been wondering if the story is going to continue in Ready or Not 2.

The fact is clear that Ready or Not has managed to resonate with critics as well as moviegoers in the same manner and earned a score of 87 percent with an average rating of 7.19 on Rotten Tomatoes while the audience score is 80 percent.

Has the movie got an announcement for a sequel or not?

Most of the people have been applauding the performance of Samara Weaving as the titular star called Grace.

Well, there have been no updates about a potential sequel of this epic tale, but if we consider its success in the entertainment industry, it is not unsafe to assume that it might get a sequel soon.

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