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Planet Of The Apes 4: Has The Creators Hints Any Update For The Movie

Planet of the Apes is one of the best franchises ever made in the world of movies. The flick is pure work of art and much appreciated by the fans over the box office records. But what exactly happened to the franchise? Will there be another movie on the cards? We have every collective information about the future of the franchise.

Planet Of The Apes 4

If we’re talking about the continuation, Planet of the Apes will have its fourth installment ready by now. But some things happened midst these years that franchise got ignored. The Merger of Disney and Fox could be a major reason for it. But now it is reported that another edition of the Planet of the apes is already in development.

Next Movie Scenario

Now the focus on the flick getting a reboot or a continuation, generally it happens with most of the franchises that they got rebooted after the three major installations. But it is reported that a potential reboot won’t be followed on its way for the epic series.

So it is confirmed that series will continue but not as a reboot, so now hold your breath for the fourth installment soon.


There is no such information on the title of the next installment.

Expected Release Date

The release date scenario of the flick is much clearer that astronauts can reach the moon early than we will witness the next installment. So the expected release date of the flick is End,2023 as the production didn’t commence yet.


There is no trailer currently as the flick just got announced, so assumptions entities could be considered.

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