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Over the Moon On Netflix: Get To Know The Plot Details Of This Animated Movie


The story about Chang’e is with the Autumn Moon Festival in China.

According to the story, there were 10 suns surrounding the earth. Chang’e married Houyi, an archer who shot all nine of Sun to save the planet from the fires. They gave him immortality pills in reward.

When Houyi’s trainee tried to steal the pills, Chang’e took away the pills and refused them to hand over. As a result, she runs away to the moon, hoping to reunite with her lost love.

Chang’e accidentally drank the magic potion which sends her to the moon.

When he was younger, Fei Fei’s mother and father told him Chang’s story. Years later, after his mother’s death, his father finally moves out and is ready to remarry.

Fei Fei is having a hard time adjusting to the idea of ​​a new mother and stepbrother. She then decided to build a rocket to go to the moon for searching the goddess, Chang’e,  the stories that her mother told about the goddess.

More details about the series:

If you don’t recognize Keane’s name, you surely know his work. During his 38 years at Walt Disney Animation, he came to life with characters such as Ariel (“The Little Mermaid”), Beast (“Beauty and the Beast”), and the main characters in “Aladdin” and “Tarzan”.

Keane previously directed the Oscar-winning short film “Dear Basketball” with Kobe Bryant and composer John Williams. “Over the Moon” is his first animation feature film direction.

Chou said, “She wrote to her daughter and husband as a love letter with a wonderful message about what happens when you lose someone, the love you share forever.” Four. “It was something she really wanted her daughter to have and know.”

Later in the discussion, Keane stated that the film is open to accepting change and loving someone new.

“This journey, which [Fei Fei] takes to meet Chang, is really about his healing and also about Chang’s healing,” Keane said. “They both unlock each other’s hearts.”

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