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Nolan Filmed Scenes Of TENET Twice! Here’s The Reason

A few days ago production designer Nathan Crowley said that the practical effects required for Tenet had completely changed the regular operation of a film set and now we understand why, following reports of an exclusive trailer revealing that Christopher Nolan filmed the film’s scenes up to two times, once forwards and once in reverse in the quest to obtain the desired results to achieve the effect of time reversal. 

Christopher Nolan Filmed Scenes Of Tenet Twice (Once Forwards And Once In Reverse)

Although we do not know much about the film, the promotional have shown that the protagonists use a “weapon” (or so we assume) that allows alterations in the temporal flow of certain objects. During the trailer shown at the Inception 10th Anniversary screenings, in addition to extended scenes from the trailers, a behind-the-scenes look was shown explaining several of the practical effects used by Nolan and his team to achieve those scenes. 

In fact, with few scenes that used CGI and the reactions of said advance confirm that green screen was never used during the filming of the film and this joins the previous news that claimed that Nolan had blown up a real plane for one of the action sequences of the film.

The reactions are mostly behind-the-scenes on making the practical effects, but there are also many mentions of how spectacular Nolan’s new film looks. Here are a few.

“Tenet’s advance is insane. Good or bad, Tenet will be something to see” “Tenet’s preview before Inception blew my mind! I can not wait to see her!”

The most extensive and detailed reaction comes from the account @ljwr_ who listed several of the scenes shown in the film. He elaborated on the VFX- centric featurette where he claims no green screen was used, and even claimed that Kenneth Branagh will likely steal the film.

The Tenet Breakthrough

  • John David Washington is listed as “The protagonist.”
  • Risk specialists say they have never done something like this before.
  • They filmed the scenes twice, once forwards and once with the actors doing everything in reverse.
  • There is no green screen.
  • All affections are practical.

TENET: Trailer