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Stan Lee Didn’t Liked Tom Holland’s Role As Spider-Man

Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel comic books, is unfortunately no more with us. But surely, he will remain forever in our hearts. His cameos in almost all the Marvel movies till now was one of the cutest and funny moments to add to those films.

It was so emotional to see him since he was the same kind of person in real life. And related to the Marvel creator, we got some shocking revelation on his relationship with Spider-Man, aka Tom Holland, who played the character. This is related to the time when Holland was just finalized to play Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Stan Lee Did Not Like Tom’s Role As Spider-Man

We got to know that Stan Lee did not like him personally as compared to the people who have shared excellent views about the young actor. This made the environment and the first meeting very awkward and came as a surprise for all the fans after Tom shared it on an Instagram live session with James Gunn. But do not worry as nothing of such sort happened since we all forget how Stan Lee was!

Tom Holland Meeting Stan Lee
Source: FandomWire

Was It A Prank?

It was just a joke made by him, and he was delighted to meet Holland and felt that he was the perfect choice to reprise the role. There was an instant laughter riot after the prank, and all of them joined in for a further conversation. Huh! This was something astonishing and shocking news to come up to after so many years. But thankfully, all of that was just a light joke made by Stan.

Tom Holland: Boy Who Justified Spider-Man’s Character

We know after Tom Holland’s introduction to be the SpiderMan how he has been accepted by the viewers- his intelligence and the most important, showing his relationship with his mentor and father-like figure Tony Stark. And we were fully convinced that no one better than Tom could play Spider-Man. And now, we are all ready with Marvel Studios to launch its Phase 4 with a line of movies coming up for us to hit the screens and watch.

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