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No Time To Die: What’s The Release Date And Story Expectations

No Time To Die is the 25th official movie of the James Bond franchise, and this will also be the last movie for Daniel Craig as James Bond, Craig has year after year impressed fans with his Bond charisma, and this being his previous is even more special for all the fans.

Here we will be bringing you all the essential details about No Time To Die!


No Time To Die was supposed to premiere on April 2, 2024; however, due to the current pandemic situation, the movie is pushed back for seven months.

The news was revealed in a post made by the official twitter handle of James Bond that the movie will now receive a November release.

The producers have put in considerable thought into this decision with the global lockdown; this was the only option to secure public health; even though we have waited nearly four years for the release of this movie we can wait a few more months until the pandemic curve is flattened globally!


  1. This will be the longest-running James Bond movie with approx 163 minutes aka two hours and forty-three minutes, Craig will hold the record of two of the longest James Bond movies as James Bond.
  2. According to Cary Fukunaga, this will be James Bond’s most challenging mission, putting Bond back in the game nearly after a break of five years is a tough job, a lot of things have changed, and this movie is all about new adventure and loads of action.
  3. Billie Eilish will be singing the theme song, also titled as ‘No Time To Die,’ well yes, here is the song for all the fans who haven’t heard it yet!