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Mulan: The Live Action Movie Will Not Be Available To Watch For Children On Disney+

Well, for all the fans waiting for Mulan to finally release on Disney+ can be reassured that the movie is going to be out soon but it won’s be available for kids the movie being a Disney creating does not advise young kids to see it.

So, without wasting time let us find out why Mulan is not suitable for kids.

How Disney's live-action 'Mulan' cameo came together - Insider
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According to Disney, the movie’s animated version of 1998 was also not suitable for kids, the characters are not child friends there are no songs in the movie, and will generally be advised for adults only.

Well, all those of you wondering if this is going to be a remake of the original Mulan then no fans should consider this as an original movie, Mulan takes place of her father in the imperial army that demanded a son to join from all families to fight for China against all the invaders, she ends up saving her country and bringing honor to her family name.

According to Disney the movie is too dark and mature for young children and is not for them, for all the young children expecting it to be a more comical version of 1998 will be highly disappointed as it is a rather serious movie.

Disney might be selling the movie by calling it a remake of 1998 one but that is not true this will be a more serious movie, the main goal was to make a movie that would respect the Ballad Of Mulan and that is what the audience will get, that is all for today we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about Mulan: Live-Action movie until then continue reading with us!

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