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Disney+ Show MoonKnight: Potential Release Date, Cast Details, Plot And More

Incredible Marvel hero Moon Knight is arranged to his TV show on Disney+. The show will reflect the Moon God Khonshu preserved Marc Spector, an ex CIA agent and his life.

Following Marc destroys his terrorist rival, Bushman, he turns into a superhero and takes on the moniker of Moon Knight. That’s how it runs in the comics.

Here, we are going to tell you everything that you should know about the series release date, cast and other major details.

Moon Knight: Release Date

There is no official release date has been authenticated by the creators, and as there are a decent some series ahead of it in the line of making, it may be a while.

The show will ostensibly begin shooting in November 2024 in Atalanta. However, the series is not supposed to be released until at least 2024.

Moon Knight: Cast And Crew

According to a source, it’s been declared that Jeremy Slater, who settled superhero drama The Umbrella Academy to Netflix, will manage the writing crew on Moon Knight. Slater earlier also served on Josh Trank’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot, so here’s wishing he has more fate on this project.

Slater also adapted the manga Death Note for Netflix and created the Exorcist TV show.


There is no casting details has been delivered by makers, but according to the speculations, Daniel Radcliffe will not join the cast.

In an interview, he explained, the Harry Potter star stated: ‘I’m not opposed to doing any kind of franchise stuff in the future one more time, that could be amusing. However, the Moon Knight rumors are false. I can formally expose that one, I have not learned anything about it.’

GWW has stated that Marvel is finding a “Zac Efron type” ideally of Israeli descent, to admire the persona’s Jewish origins.

Moon Knight: Plot

Marc Spector has plenty of selves, which he uses to collect data all over the world without being seen. He is a driver whose name is Jake Lockley, and a Bruce Wayne-like debutante and financier whose name is Steven Grant.

According to a source, over the moment of his debut in the comics, his character has turned, as well as his backstory. In some repetitions, he holds superpowers, serving as the vessel for Moon God Khonshu. In others, he is a small human. It remains being noticed which way the program’s writing crew will take this series.

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