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Mulan: Experts Predict Disney’s Live Action Movie Will Skip Theatrical Release

With the current situation looming large all around the globe, the Coronavirus attack has widely harmed the Entertainment industry as well. With all production houses being shut down until further notice, studios are forced to make some big decisions. Let us look into it further for details given below.

Is Live Action Movie Mulan Going To Release On Disney+? Here’s What We Know

Along with all the ongoing film production being withheld until further notice, many finished movies have not been able to get a proper theatrical release due to all the theatres being shut. In this new crisis point, Disney+ has decided to release some of their unreleased film projects on their streaming service. Now fans are speculating that the highly anticipated film Mulan being one of them or not?

The Movie Might Not Go For A Theatrical Release After All!

Disney has already made an official announcement of releasing Artemis Fowl in June on Disney+. Chairman of Disney, Bob Iger has also revealed their plans for releasing some of the movies on the streaming platform. However, he has further assured that the big tent pole films will await a proper theatrical release. Mulan is a big-budget movie and the long way to grab onto subscribers’ attention is if the movie is aired in Disney+ at this point.

Now with Artemis Fowl getting a digital release, fans are speculating that even highly -anticipated live-action film, Mulan might also be released on Disney+ as well. While no official announcement has been made yet about Mulan’s release but the whole streaming plan is pretty much speculated.

Disney Is Planning To Release Several Unreleased Movies On Their Streaming Service.

While a fan recently asked is Mulan going to.air on Disney + as well, there was a cryptic reply which indicated the strong possibility of Mulan making its way into Disney+ soon enough. Considering that the film has already faced several delays and has been pushed back time and again, it can just go for a digital release instead of a theatrical release. With this, even people will have a new film to watch during this quarantine.

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