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Mission Impossible 7: Filming Stops Of The Flick Due To An Accident

Mission Impossible 7. Ethan Hunt’s missions have never touched impossibility so insistently. Its interpreter, Tom Cruise, likes to face different challenges when it comes to building his most lucrative franchise, and he plans to shoot his next film in space with Doug Liman, but in the meantime Mission Impossible is in trouble.

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Mission Impossible 7: Is The Filming Of The Movie Is Halted?

In reality, it has never stopped being so, once the pandemic caused its filming to be paralyzed in Italy.

Since then it has had to delay its release date and look for new locations, without this being enough to speed up the ambitious project. Christopher McQuarrie is determined to shoot both Mission Impossible 7 and  Mission Impossible 8 simultaneously, and we recently learned that his attempt to blow up a century-old bridge in Poland was met with local discontent, eventually being canceled.

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Mission Impossible 7: What’s The Reason Behind Its Delay?

As if that were not enough, the team has had to end up moving to the United Kingdom (to Oxford, specifically) to get rid of the anti-COVID measures by the hair, and there the problems have not ended. A Source reveals that the filming had to stop again after the accident suffered by a specialist during an action scene, which led to a fire and a “very frustrated” Tom Cruise. It is not for less.

It happened like this: a double of the lead actor (who was filming another scene not far from there) had to land with his motorcycle on a padded floor, but a miscalculation aggravated by friction caused the pillows to burst into flames. The smoke was high enough to shut down a nearby Royal Air Force base, and the $ 2 million sets have been seriously damaged.

Mission Impossible 7: What’s The Release Date For The Movie?

Luckily there have been no injuries, but since production, they describe the mishap as an “absolute catastrophe” and it is not yet known when filming will continue. The premiere of  Mission Impossible 7 is set for November 2024; a date that, under the circumstances, may change soon.

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