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Marvel Is Reportedly Developing A Project That Involves Thanos’ Brother

While the Avengers team has bid us a tearful goodbye, it seems like there’s still a long way to go. The team managed to put an end to both Thanos and his atrocities, but the chapter might not be using anytime soon! It seems like someone who might be blood-related with the supervillain might be back in the Marvel Universe! Let us take a look at all the details about this new ongoing Marvel project.

Why Is Marvel Planning To Bring Thanos’ Brother Into The On-Screen World Of Marvels? Here’s What We Know.

The Marvel studios might have some elaborate plans of bringing forth another lousy guy into the picture, this time, and it is not Thanos but his brother! We are talking about Starfox, who might soon be going to debut under the Marvel banner. There is no additional information about this new character’s inception. No actor has been officially hired for the role as well. For all we know, this character might get his own solo film as well! That might be interesting to watch for Marvel fanatics.

StarFox Might Be A Big Threat For The Eternals!

While Starfox is a prominent figure in the comic world, his inception has not found a proper place in Marvel films earlier, and it seems like the figure might be making his appearances in the upcoming newly created team in The Eternals. While Starfox is immoral like the Eternals, however, he has mastered other superpowers as well. In the comic books, he is quite the womanizer as well. So, his introduction in the film might be an interesting turn.

While the depth of the character is still unknown, fans are yet to know what kind of role is he expected to play in The Eternals. If the comic backstory is any indication, he has the power to stimulate the pleasure cells of an individual thus, manipulating their decisions.

Is Starfox, Going To Get His Own Solo Film From Marvel?

So, with these characteristics, he can surely pose a threat to the superheroes. Moreover, we also wonder what whether Thanos and his relationship will be a part of the story in the upcoming film The Eternals.

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